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  • Are you passionate about Italian language and culture?
  • Are you studying for the official certificate CELI or CILS?
  • Are you organizing your trip to Italy?
  • Do you need to communicate in Italian in your work environment?
  • Are you an opera singer and you want to improve your pronunciation?
  • You really want to learn Italian but you just don’t have time to attend a course in a school?
  • Are you looking for Italian lessons online?

You are in the right place! At youritalianlesson we offer you a variety of courses and a wide range of time availability that gives you the opportunity to learn Italian WHERE you want and WHEN you want.


Our fast-paced everyday life does not allow us to cultivate our interests.
For this reason we offer you the possibility of learning Italian while sitting on your comfortable sofa at home or at the office.
What are the advantages of having Italian classes online?


You can attend a course where you want and when you want, making the most of your time. You can attend your Italian class online, without having to drive and without being stuck in traffic while trying to reach the school. You can now dedicate 100% of your free time to the learning process


We adjust to your time schedule and your needs. A one-to-one class allows you to have a tutor who adapts to your learning style and your pace and gives you all the support you require


We use the latest technologies for language learning. Beyond traditional supports like books and audios, at youritalianlesson we use open source videos, interactive exercises, and real time conversation activities


Italian lessons via Skype is a high-quality service that costs much less than a class in a school. More quality for less price, plus saving the costs of commuting and public transport


Choose the type of course you want to attend

Contact us, tell us about yourself and your current level of Italian

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Find the course for you

Italian Language

Levels: Elementary (A1 – A2), Intermediate (B1 – B2), Advanced (C1 – C2) Levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Conversation classes

(From Level A2) These classes allow students to be able to handle a conversation in Italian and improve the fluency

Italian Culture and Civilization

(From Level B1) This course includes the study of all cultural aspects such as gastronomy, traditions, Italian towns, historical monuments, painters and extracts from masterpieces of Italian literature

Italian for opera singers

(All levels) It’s a language course based on the vocabulary of opera and theatre that provides useful phrases and expressions for those who for example intend to study at the Conservatory in Italy, or want to improve their pronunciation while singing or just want to deeply understand opera in Italian. The course also includes the study of grammar, starting from extracts of the most famous Italian operas.

CILSCELI Exams Preparation

We offer support to the students who want to take the official certifications for Italian provided by Università di Siena (CILS) and Università di Perugia (CELI), with extra exercises and simulations.

Italian classes in Italy

Do you want to take a language course in Italy? We will give you all the information about the best schools in Italy where you can enjoy different kinds of lessons (short – intensive – summer course). We also provide assistance throughout the registration process.


What do you need?

  • A stable internet connection
  • Latest version of Skype (download latest version here)
  • A webcam and a microphone
  • A text book by Edizioni Edilingua or Alma Edizioni. Your tutor will tell you which book is more appropriate for your course and where you can get it online or in your town..

youritalianlesson provides all extra materials for free


We are Italian and we currently live in The Netherlands

We are a group of teachers who are passionate about the Italian language. Our mission is to spread and promote not only the language, but also the culture, art and music of our beautiful country in the simplest and effective way.

With more than 10 years experience, we offer the best quality in teaching, using the latest technologies for language learning. You will be assigned an experienced native Italian tutor, with a Degree in Foreign Languages, who will focus on what you personally need in order to reach your goals. All the teachers of youritalianlesson speak English and Spanish fluently.


The main goal of language learning is first of all communication. For this reason at youritalianlesson we use a communicative approach based on dialogues and real life situations that you may come across in Italy or in your work environment. Studying grammar is just a means to be able to handle a real conversation outside the classroom.

Our Italian classes via Skype consist of 25% grammar, 25% vocabulary and 50% conversation. We offer a wide range of activities that will guide you to discover the most engaging aspects of Italian culture, cuisine and music. All our tutors are trained to focus on your preferences and learning style. We will make use of different tools: videos, audios, interactive exercises and books, in order to develop the 4 language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Latest comments

  • “Ich habe mit youritalianlesson 2 Stufen Italienischunterricht genommen A1 + A2. Der Unterricht ist sehr strukturiert und abwechslungsreich. Ich hatte nie das Gefühl, dass es schwierig war eine neue Sprache zu lernen und ehe ich mich versehen habe, hatte ich ein gutes Sprachniveau und konnte mich mit meinen italienischen Arbeitskollegen ohne Probleme verständigen. Der Online-Kurs funktionierte sehr gut, sogar die Lernspiele am Ende jeder Unterrichtsstunde.”
    Mexico, touristic guide
  • “O meu sonho sempre foi aprender italiano e por sorte me recomendaram a youritalianlesson. Meu professor sempre me espera com um sorriso e está sempre bem-humorada. Depois de um dia de trabalho, esse é um detalhe importante! Ela é organizada e dinâmica e está sempre muito preparada para a aula. Ela é flexível e a cada aula utliza suportes diferentes para que a aula seja interessante do início ao fim. Ela demonstra grande entusiasmo e um profundo conhecimento da língua e da cultura italiana assim como muita segurança ao explicar conceitos, regras gramaticais e expressões. A hora de aula passa voando e eu saio já pensando na nossa próxima aula juntas. Obrigado!”
    Brazil, Office Manager
  • “Ik heb bij youritalianlesson een cursus conversatie gevolgd. De lessen waren elke keer weer erg leuk. Wat opviel is dat mijn docent over alles kan meepraten en toch is ze niet té aanwezig. Ze laat de cursisten zelf praten”
    Netherlands, administrative clerk
  • “Estudié un año de Italiano con youritalianlesson durante el cual mi enseñante me preparó para el exámen de Certificación de la lenguna Italiana CILS A2 en el que obtuve un resultado de 55 sobre 60. Recomiendo ampliamente su trabajo no sólo porque demuestran su pasión por enseñar día a día, sino también porque logran transmitir con paciencia y constancia lo mejor de su cultura. Con estas bases he podido integrarme activamente en todos los aspectos de mi vida aqui en Italia.”
    Mexico, teacher


  • Each lesson is 60 minutes
  • We are available from 8am to 8pm CET (UTC+1) Rome Time
  • First class is free
  • For information regarding costs, please contact us
  • Payment methods: Paypal, bank wire transfer